Something for your syllabus

As the final days of summer slip away, and you start putting some spit and polish on your syllabi, consider this: your students will get more out of the library, if you put more of the library into your classes…and that starts with the syllabus. 

Here are some quick ideas for some library things you could add: 

  1. The name and contact details of the librarian who work with your subject area.
  2. A link to the Research Guide that matches the subject area of your class. [Hint – If you don’t see a Research Guide that you think will work, you can get in touch with your librarian to have one created just for your class.]
  3. A link to the “Where Do I Start?” library research tutorial.

Those are just three ideas of library-related things that can be integrated into your syllabus, RamCT course, or course web site…but I can think of many more…like, links to the best research databases in your field, links to the library catalog record of a reference book or e-book, and if you are working with new graduate students, why not link to one of the many dissertations or theses that are part of the Digital Repository so they have a good idea of what they are aiming for. 

Let your imagination soar, and let your course materials help guide students to the academic quality resources that you’d like them to use. 



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